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Member name, Password, Email Address info

Member name - 5 to 15 characters. Use only the letters A-Z (uppercase or lowercase), the digits 0-9, or an _ (underscore). Any other characters are not allowed. Don't use a number or underscore as your first character.
Password - 5 or more characters. Use any and as many characters to make the password as strong as possible, but also make sure you write it down in a secure place so you won't forget it.
Note: The password is case SeNsitIve only when you join and login into the Perv Club.

Email Address - Enter a valid email address of the following format: name @ domain name
For example, abc@def.ghi
Your email address is required and is used by the sign up process for:
- When you sign up your login info is sent.
- This will be the place where password reset requests will be sent to.
- When joining the Perv Club your Perv Club member/transaction info is sent here.

Location info

U.S. residents enter your zip code. Non U.S. residents please select your country. Then followed by either the state/province you live in AND/OR the city.
If you cannot find your city then select the city closest to you.
After signing up, if you entered your zip code and the wrong city is assigned, then simply edit your profile and a list of cities with the matching zip code are shown.