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UNKNOWN's Stories
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Jul. 26, 2011
Eddie was my younger cousin. I was almost two years older than he. We always spent time at each others house as kids growing up. We went skinny dipping with a bunch of the other boys in the river near my house. As we went through puberty, w...
2 Comments | | 3,017 Views | 2,168 words | Sex

Days Inn

Jul. 08, 2011
Me and my friends got a hotel room one weekend for the hell of it because some of us were going back to school and we all wanted to get together one last time, so we checked into a local . We brought two cases of beer and a shit load of...
0 Comments | | 2,498 Views | 1,682 words | Sex

An unexpected beach encounter

Jun. 25, 2011
The Unexpected Have you ever noticed how pleasant things can happen when you least expect them? Such a thing happened last summer. I had finished my exams after my second year at college the day before and felt well pleased with myself becau...
1 Comments | | 2,455 Views | 1,399 words | Sex

Frisco trip

Feb. 19, 2011
FRISCO Trip.... I had been talking to Peter on Billy’s for a several months. He read some of my stories and liked them. We talked about getting together for some hot times. But since we lived on opposite coast all we did was get off with ea...
1 Comments | | 3,268 Views | 1,457 words | Sex

caught in the act

Dec. 29, 2010
When I was a sophomore in college, I finally got the opportunity to view and sample all the boy ass and cock I have always fantasized about for years. It all started when my wrestling coach assigned me to be a locker room guard for home meets, so th...
3 Comments | | 4,263 Views | 1,750 words | Sex

My mysterious intruder

Nov. 28, 2010
I shared an apartment off campus with three other guys: Anthony, Rob and Greg. It was a nice house with a pool that we could not have afforded except for the fact that it belonged to Greg’s uncle who gave us a deal otherwise we could not have af...
6 Comments | | 3,548 Views | 1,941 words | Sex

Bubba to the rescue

Sep. 30, 2010
One afternoon TJ went for a dive in a nearby state park. He found himself in a remote area where he had never been. It was raining heavily and TJ had been following this dirt road for some time when his truck went into a skid on the rutted m...
5 Comments | | 3,519 Views | 2,450 words | Sex

Life on the Edge

Jul. 25, 2010
As soon as I woke, I found myself reaching for my dick... I’d spent the evening before masturbating in front of a TV screen filled with hardcore images, watching fit hairy guys fill each other’s asses with their beautiful cocks and shooting ropes...
2 Comments | | 2,006 Views | 1,475 words | Sex

When only an orgasm will do...

Jul. 25, 2010
Here’s another tale based on an experience I had more recently. I usually enjoy edging at home, looking at porn, visiting dick.net etc., however, recently I had a crazy time edging for much of the night and the following day, both at home and outd...
1 Comments | | 2,145 Views | 2,547 words | Sex

What a man has to do...

Jul. 23, 2010
I've been in quite a state of sexual tension for a few days, ever since a straight friend of mine called round, who, at times like these, I wish wasn't so straight. He has a real sexual aura about him and I am fascinated by what he keeps hidden i...
2 Comments | | 2,312 Views | 1,500 words | Sex

a fantasy threesome

Jul. 19, 2010
I’m kind of shy and an introverted. I always thought I wanted to have guy on guy sex but did not know how to go about it. So I confided in my two best friends, Luke and TJ, to get their input because we had always talked about doing sexual things t...
3 Comments | | 3,673 Views | 1,561 words | Sex

a burglar gets his punishment

Jun. 29, 2010
I live in a condo that I share with my brother in a quiet section outside the city. Bcause of the many trees and shrubs in the complex it is quite secluded. We have complete privacy so that I can sit out on our deck naked when I’m alone. My br...
1 Comments | | 3,985 Views | 1,754 words | Sex

Kevin's balls.

Jun. 25, 2010
Kevin and I have seen each other at the gym, the beach and in the locker room at school. We both gave off vibes that we're interested in one another. But we have never met nor talked. We have seen each other in all states of dress and undress, but w...
2 Comments | | 3,550 Views | 2,533 words | Sex

workout meets baseball

Jun. 15, 2010
I like to keep my body is shape so I work out almost every day. The gym had become like a second home for me since I joined just over two years ago, I had become firm friends with a few of the guys that worked out there, one guy in particular name...
7 Comments | | 2,694 Views | 1,957 words | Sex

a dream cum true

Jun. 10, 2010
I had been working very hard and was looking forward to my vacation so that I could just relax and not worry about a thing. I rented a cottage at Fenwick Island, Delaware. I left work on Friday and drove directly to the shore. Traffic was horr...
2 Comments | | 2,188 Views | 1,110 words | Sex

the jacuzzi and Luke

May. 29, 2010
I have known Luke since we were in high school. I was gay and he was straight and we both new it. After he married we still we close friends and even was friends with his wife, Gwen, for quite a few years. We did all the stuff that friends do lik...
6 Comments | | 2,922 Views | 1,427 words | Sex


May. 19, 2010
and I have been best friends for 10 years since we were 11. We grew up together and went through puberty together. Now we were going to college together, had the same majors and would be rooming together. was straight and he was the on...
7 Comments | | 2,691 Views | 1,008 words | Sex

Steamroom encounter

Mar. 05, 2010
I usually go to the gym several days a week if I can. This day I did my reps, squats and other calisthenics. It had been a good workout, and I was sweaty, and looked forward to taking a hot shower. I peeled off my clothes and threw them into...
6 Comments | | 3,280 Views | 1,686 words | Sex

Anthony at last!

Feb. 04, 2010
One year I took a vacation in Pittsburgh to visit a friend, Anthony. He had been a college roommate with Greg and I for a short time. But we kept in touch and he always invited me to visit him when I could get away. Besides he lived in Pittsburgh...
4 Comments | | 3,060 Views | 1,481 words | Sex

roommates/friends jo continued

Feb. 01, 2010
This is a continuation of the story of what happened between me and Greg when we roomed together in college. We became good friends after our school encounters and were spending a summer together. Greg and I were hanging out together with nothing...
1 Comments | | 1,949 Views | 1,611 words | Sex

Best roommate jo ever

Jan. 14, 2010
I was off to my second year of college and would be sharing a room with two other guys, Greg and Anthony. I was excited to see who would be my roommates. When I walked into my dorm room for the first time, I heard “Are you Anthony?” coming fro...
5 Comments | | 2,725 Views | 1,695 words | Sex

And so it ends

Jan. 06, 2010
After I graduated from college my step brother and I decided we’d go to Europe with some college friends. Dad referred to it as the ‘Poop and Circumstance’ tour, because he and Mom took us on lecture tours to Europe and Asia every summer and South A...
4 Comments | | 1,323 Views | 2,532 words | Sex

My new brother/lover

Jan. 03, 2010
When I was growing up I didn’t see much of my mom and dad. It wasn’t that they were away, they were ‘entertaining’. I didn’t know the terms ‘CEO’ or ‘trophy wife’ in those days, but they might have invented the titles. Their life was a social whir...
8 Comments | | 2,314 Views | 2,067 words | Sex

The truth emerges

Jan. 02, 2010
After our experience with Joe, Jacob decided that we had better talk. He was embarrassed about the incident, but also extremely curious about my remark about following up with a fisting session like he had with Dick. “Why did you mention fisting wi...
1 Comments | | 793 Views | 1,155 words | Sex

And so it continues...

Jan. 02, 2010
Last month we were having dinner at a little French restaurant down the street from our apartment. It's a neat building with a terrace on the third floor over-looking the street. The owner of the building and the restaurant is the maitre-d and his...
1 Comments | | 805 Views | 1,348 words | Sex

I am betrayed

Jan. 01, 2010
My roommate/lover was originally from Pennsylvania, and his family still lived there. Anyone there who lives in a city in Northeastern Pennsylvania and can afford it also owns a place on a lake or at least rents one during the summer, because July a...
3 Comments | | 1,389 Views | 1,717 words | Sex

I get fucked

Dec. 29, 2009
As I often say, I’m a human sex machine. My cock is always ready to plow a hungry, hot young ass. It was the 4th of July 2009, and a steamy hot day. Good excuse for the levi cut-offs and a white sleeveless tee shirt. Nothing under the cut-offs an...
3 Comments | | 1,878 Views | 1,109 words | Sex

My First Time With An Older Man

Dec. 09, 2009
(Here is a mostly true story from my past. I have changed a few details for the sake of storytelling but for the most part this is really how it happened. There is more to tell if anyone likes this one, some true and some fantasy that never quite hap...
12 Comments | | 2,470 Views | 1,602 words | Sex

Bullied in the bathroom

Dec. 08, 2009
So, this happened to me back in high school when I was in my final year. I was in my late teens, quite tall and slim, shaggy dark hair. I knew at that point I was interested in guys, but had burried that fact, deep. I'd had girlfriends and was pretty...
9 Comments | | 2,498 Views | 1,760 words | Sex

apartment living adventures

Nov. 05, 2009
two short stories of neighborly guys I've known ***Doing Laundry*** After getting a job, I moved out of my parents’ house and got my I my own apartment.- I lived on ground level of my building. The laundry room was right across the hall fro...
7 Comments | | 2,534 Views | 2,218 words | Sex

hockey game penalty

Oct. 31, 2009
I was on two teams, hockey and soccer. We were strong on the soccer team and had more than enough players so that most of us sat on the bench during a game. But we were weak on the hockey team. They needed three more guys to fill out the whole r...
3 Comments | | 2,015 Views | 1,049 words | Sex

library head games

Oct. 31, 2009
I love cock. I don’t care about the size, cut or not or shape of it; they’re all tasty in their own way. I started perfecting my oral skills when I was younger with my playmates but really did not know what I was doing. After my high school gradua...
5 Comments | | 2,164 Views | 1,524 words | Sex

More hot times in Orlando - July 4th!

Oct. 04, 2009
Wow, things just got even hotter last night. I was walking from my car to see the July 4th fireworks at Lake Eola in the center of town, as I looked into the crowd there he was, my hunky sex pistol I drank from yesterday. He looked over at me and...
2 Comments | | 1,260 Views | 948 words | Sex

Hot times in Orlando

Oct. 04, 2009
Yesterday was awesome - I was driving home from the Parliament House (A large gay resort in town) and saw this hot hot guy on the side of Orange Blossom Trail. He had no shirt on, a few tattoos, and was obviously looking to turn a trick for a few bu...
2 Comments | | 1,457 Views | 699 words | Sex

gym time -short story

Jun. 21, 2009
This is a short story, that happened to me this week at the gym... I usually go early in the morning for a swim or cardio... the gym maybe has one or three more guys there, so its basically empty... So I was swiming all alone in the pool, when...
2 Comments | | 2,464 Views | 752 words | Sex

Unsuspecting conquests

May. 18, 2009
My friend Anthony and I were having a few drinks at our favorite watering hole. Anthony always had far out stories to tell. But we both always tried to one up each other when it came to our sexual exploits so I never knew if he was full of shit or...
0 Comments | | 3,358 Views | 1,954 words | Sex

Feast at the museum

Apr. 19, 2009
Joe had had quite a busy time in the museum. He had been left in charge as so frequently happened. Today was no exception. Joe loved his job... serving people, helping people... being the friendly guide that he was employed to be. The job also came w...
2 Comments | | 1,998 Views | 1,216 words | Sex

Dreams come true.

Apr. 12, 2009
Back in the early 90s I got a computer with a modem to try out the internet. I also wanted to learn computers before my kids did. I wanted to see what all the people were talking about and started first with AOL. It was a good site and lots of ne...
6 Comments | | 1,928 Views | 5,556 words | Lifestyle


Mar. 04, 2009
3 Comments | | 2,691 Views | 1,135 words | Sex

Another World: An Adult Store Adventure.

Dec. 29, 2008
Ok, so at this point in my life, sex intrigues me. And Another World, a large sex/porn shop 5 minutes from my house has always been an object of curiosity for me. Today I finally went to check it out and I must say my curiosity has been sated(along w...
3 Comments | | 2,170 Views | 1,395 words | Sex

Don 't Shoot

Dec. 16, 2008
Ian drove his new black extended cab truck slowly, smoothly, like a hunting shark. He cruised around the nighttime city, past strip malls and supermarkets, through high-class neighborhoods and decrepit slums. Near the edge of the city, where the sid...
5 Comments | | 1,664 Views | 1,481 words | Sex

Unexpected Pleasure Part 2

Nov. 20, 2008
After my climax Jill and Kathy were anxious to perform for us. I knew they must be wet and fully scented by now but Ted and I wanted to watch his wife and best friend make love to each other. Although we had talked often of what that might be like, w...
1 Comments | | 1,387 Views | 1,070 words | Sex

Unexpected Pleasure

Nov. 11, 2008
It is often the unexpected pleasures in life that remain indelibly etched in our memories, filed away carefully for instant recall to relish with secret delight. And so it was when Ted and I spent a Spring weekend together at his cabin. The year had...
4 Comments | | 1,609 Views | 1,734 words | Lifestyle

locker room fun

Nov. 11, 2008
I had just finished running my laps and walked off the outdoor track, breathing heavily. It was an early sunny summer day and the afternoon was warm enough to take my shirt off and stick it in my waistband, and now I used it to wipe the sweat from m...
7 Comments | | 3,571 Views | 4,540 words | Sex

used and abused

Oct. 22, 2008
During my vecation I decided to go visit a sauna, however, my timing was a lil off. It was really early in the morning or in my case really late at night. Since I was still awake from partying the night before. So I go in and change, grab a towel an...
3 Comments | | 2,240 Views | 1,367 words | Sex

it started with a video

Sep. 26, 2008
When most boys go through puberty and jerk off, they think of girls. My father always had girly magazines around the house that showed big titted women in various poses. These pictures did not excite me in any way. But when I saw a guy in an un...
6 Comments | | 3,407 Views | 1,042 words | Lifestyle

more fun with an assistant coach

Aug. 14, 2008
When I was freshman and 18 at the time, I and my two best friends Matt and Ryan played on the third string hockey team. We had messed around with guy on guy sex; nothing serious just jack off contests and a circle jerk now and then. They were just...
9 Comments | | 5,082 Views | 1,878 words | Sex

My first time

Jul. 19, 2008
My name is Bob and always have had feelings for other guys since I was a kid. I’m in college now and putting up with all the bullshit that a freshman has to go through. But being away from home for the first time; away from nosey neighbors and f...
11 Comments | | 4,278 Views | 1,356 words | Sex

Making the swim team

Jul. 19, 2008
Swim Team In my freshman year at college, I qualified for the swim team. I was pretty fast, but not fast enough. At our last meet, I was beat by some jerk by only three tenths of a second. Bummer! My coach had been a champion swimmer when he w...
6 Comments | | 3,373 Views | 1,385 words | Sex

Soccer roommate fun

Jun. 06, 2008
At the beginning of my next year I got a new roommate. His name was Greg. He was a soccer player. Damn he looked good! Greg was a little over six feet tall and nicely built. I jerked off many times to images of him naked in the shower. His b...
7 Comments | | 4,254 Views | 1,993 words | Sex

Seduced at Last!!!

May. 17, 2008
I had the hottest roommate, Shawn, during my Freshman-year at college. I had often fantasized about him, which usually ended up with me spewing cum all over my chest in bed at night even though we had never even talked about guy/guy sex. Since we h...
8 Comments | | 4,229 Views | 1,377 words | Sex

Long Lost Buddy Reunion

May. 15, 2008
My cock is raging hard just thinking about this. A while ago my wife and kids left town to visit relatives. I couldn’t go because of work. The week was nearing an end and out of the blue an old childhood friend of mine called wanting to get back i...
8 Comments | | 2,426 Views | 1,459 words | Sex

Hooking up with a pen pal

May. 12, 2008
I hooked up with Patrick through a gay pen pal site on the web. We were still a mystery to each other. We didn’t divulge everything about us to each other. We were exchanging a lot of emails. We wrote each other every day. We wanted to know if we...
1 Comments | | 2,398 Views | 2,045 words | Sex

My first time

Apr. 30, 2008
OK here is the very first time I ever had any encounter with another guy. I will start by saying that I am married and have a wonderful sex life with my wife. But several years ago when my wife was 7 – 8 months pregnant, I experienced the other sid...
6 Comments | | 3,550 Views | 921 words | Sex

my most intense night !

Apr. 16, 2008
The reason why i love cock is simple! to see it cum!! the idea of satisfying another man is such a turn on!! to sit on my knees for an hour working that thing until i receive MY reward of him cumming! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! yum yum!! All the guys that...
1 Comments | | 2,290 Views | 1,390 words | Sex

Confession of a Conquistador 1

Mar. 10, 2008
“Its ok,” I whispered. It wasn’t the false kind that meant “I am going to whether you want me to or not” but the kind that said I understood. He gripped my hand firmly, keeping it from dipping any further below his belt. One couldn’t spend his whole...
3 Comments | | 1,507 Views | 1,034 words | Sex

Foreign Exchange Students

Mar. 06, 2008
I was almost 19 at the time of this story and getting ready to attend college in the fall. We had just moved to a college town in the summer after my high-school graduation. Our new house was not yet ready, so my family was forced to live in an a...
3 Comments | | 4,080 Views | 3,161 words | Sex

Hedonsitic weekend part one

Feb. 27, 2008
I have a fuck buddy Luke who is friends with Patrick. Luke and I get together as often as we can. We have had sex in almost anyway you can imagine. In between sessions we’d talk and Luke would tell me how hot Patrick was. I suggested that the thr...
2 Comments | | 2,686 Views | 1,996 words | Sex

Davey and the Prom

Feb. 23, 2008
At the end of every high-schooler's academic career, he or she must face one of the most daunting but potentially most exciting event of their live: senior prom. Me an my buddy Dave were both taking girls to the prom (I can't even remember my girl...
11 Comments | | 3,809 Views | 2,220 words | Sex

My Neighborhood

Feb. 21, 2008
This is a compilation of three different stories that I wrote. But they all have a common thread: the neighborhood where I grew up and lived. Some of these places I found out by chance while others I heard about through word of mouth. There were...
3 Comments | | 3,484 Views | 2,470 words | Sex

My First

Feb. 15, 2008
My dad has an old friend from college named Mike that likes to fish, and over the years, he's taken me with him on some trips. On one particular trip, just a few months ago, we'd decided that we were going to drive up to northern California, and spen...
17 Comments | | 4,833 Views | 820 words | Sex

Coach's FOLs

Feb. 10, 2008
My personal fetish today is looking at guys in any kind of underwear. I'm partial to briefs. I love seeing guys with boners in their underwear. The tents that they make are really what turns me on. My fascination with underwear began in gym cl...
7 Comments | | 3,431 Views | 2,692 words | Sex

Jamaican holiday

Feb. 02, 2008
School was over for winter break for a few weeks. I just finished all my grueling midterms and was looking forward to my winter vacation. I had booked a seven-day vacation in the sunny Caribbean. I had just arrived in Jamaica...
6 Comments | | 2,756 Views | 4,092 words | Sex

Housewarming Gift

Feb. 01, 2008
Lick In August, I bought a house. Moving from a small studio apartment into a five bedroom house was a huge change for me. I really couldn't argue with the price on the house, seeing as the owner just wanted to get rid of it. Granted there are...
4 Comments | | 1,982 Views | 1,792 words | Sex

Heading for the beach

Jan. 18, 2008
I was heading for the shore and got caught in beach traffic. I'd been stuck in traffic for over an hour and roasted in the noon heat. Even with the air conditioner on, I had built up quite a thirst. I still couldn't believe that the traffic had b...
3 Comments | | 3,302 Views | 2,129 words | Romance


Jan. 17, 2008
It has been many years sine I've seen my first lover Brian. Throughout Junior High and Senior High School, Brian and I would experiment sexually with one another. By the time we were in High School, I think our experiments were more towards the rou...
2 Comments | | 1,995 Views | 2,359 words | Romance

After class massage

Jan. 16, 2008
My roommate, Greg, came home after a long day at school going to classes. When he came through the door, he looked beat, poor baby! So I kissed him and asked if he wanted to have something to eat. He said that he was too tired to have any dinn...
4 Comments | | 2,318 Views | 1,155 words | Sex

My First Time (Fantasy)

Dec. 18, 2007
I needed to get out of my apartment for a while, so I went to a local bar, called Joey's Place. I liked the atmosphere there right from the start. It wasn't too dark or too light, and it wasn't crowded either. I sat at the bar and got a Bud, and was...
11 Comments | | 3,801 Views | 1,370 words | Sex

A Menege-a-Trois

Dec. 04, 2007
Here is somethng compleately alternative to the usual Bump&Grind of male-generated Eroticism... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hot-Tub Bliss The first thing she sensed as she drifted...
2 Comments | | 1,618 Views | 4,841 words | Romance

“You Have The Right”

Oct. 09, 2007
I had been interested in Emergency Medical Services since I was a kid and when I became old enough, I began active duty. It was a good outfit, gave you a good feeling to be helping people and gave me something to do. I had n...
9 Comments | | 2,782 Views | 1,378 words | Sex

Using Scott

May. 31, 2007
I knew you had had a lot more to drink than you thought – and that I had had a lot less. Tonight seemed like a good night to really use you and see if you like it, and I knew after waiting a few days I’d be ready to go multiple times and stay hard f...
0 Comments | | 2,214 Views | 1,555 words | Sex

Without You

Dec. 14, 2006
WITHOUT YOU By Ryan Sanders I feel like a tree that has no branches, like a warrior that has failed his mission, I feel like I’m locked in a room with no door, no way out. The earth seems like empty streets…no birds singing, and only cars...
1 Comments | | 2,022 Views | 8,131 words | Sex

Weekend At The Cabin

Nov. 22, 2006
It snowed all night long dumping some ten inches of a soft white blanket on the ground and trees. The wind was blowing hard and it made a whistling noise as it pounded on the windows of our cabin. The cabin was old,...
0 Comments | | 3,045 Views | 4,156 words | Romance

Bisexual fun in the woods

Oct. 03, 2006
My Name Is Shane and I turn 23 October 12 my story takes place many years ago I am 5'10 with long dark hair and brown eyes , pretty average looking nothing that special ... I had two best friends Gabriel and Alison who I had grown up wi...
0 Comments | | 3,705 Views | 652 words | Sex


Sep. 04, 2006
Hi,I'm Aaron. I'm 18 and a senoir in high school. I'll be 19 in a couple of weeks. So anyway I've been gay for a bout 3 years now and I decided that I would tell my parents. So I did, but it did'nt go over to well, So now I live with my sister and he...
1 Comments | | 5,637 Views | 846 words | Sex

ER Romance

May. 25, 2006
My relationship with Anthony began with what happened after a rather painful accident. I play soccer every Saturday morning in the park with a group of buddies. We get together once a week and relive our glory days when we played for the university....
5 Comments | | 3,728 Views | 2,171 words | Romance

The Fraternity Paddle-

May. 10, 2006
This was going to be my last time visiting the fraternity as a ‘prestigious’ Alumnus, so I wanted to make it a memorable one. I caught up with the rest of the Alumni at Elroy’s a bar in Bloomington; the beer was flowing, shots of Tequila were wait...
0 Comments | | 3,302 Views | 858 words | Sex

Frat Wrestling

May. 03, 2006
I was in college fraternity at the University of Delaware and I'd enjoyed the wonders of living in my frat for the past two years: about 25 guys, l8 to 23 years of age, at the prime of their sexual allure and most were horny as hell all their wakin...
2 Comments | | 7,557 Views | 2,031 words | Lifestyle

Frat shower

Apr. 19, 2006
At the beginning of my sophomore year in college, a guy I hung around with during our freshman year, Chad, approached me and said that since we got along so well, we should room together this semester. I had such a hardon for Chad that I didn't know...
5 Comments | | 8,737 Views | 2,808 words | Lifestyle

I loved him

Apr. 02, 2006
My birthday was a couple weeks ago in March, On my birthday my friends decided to take me out and then me and a guy friend named Travor would come back to my house after words. So we get back to my house at 10:30 and my friend trevor and his girl are...
0 Comments | | 2,362 Views | 1,273 words | Romance

Truth or Dare

Mar. 17, 2006
This is the story (actually, honestly true) of my first time with a guy. Hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed thinking back on it and writing about it. I knew that I was attracted to guys from a young age, and by my freshman y...
4 Comments | | 6,725 Views | 2,285 words | Sex

The Construction Site

Feb. 17, 2006
I came out the door on the way to work and knew this would be a raunchy day – I was working at this construction site only 5 blocks from my flat and today I felt horny as fuck. With my tool belt swung over my shoulder and jock strap showing through...
0 Comments | | 2,683 Views | 1,163 words | Sex

A Tokyo Sex club fuck

Dec. 29, 2005
I guess this is nothing special, just a stroy of me getting fucked hard after a long dry spell. The cool thing about Tokyo is, that if you really, really wanna get fucked you can. Just go to one of the sex clubs like Treffpunkt in Tokyo. There is usu...
0 Comments | | 2,386 Views | 501 words | Sex

"My" First Time

Dec. 17, 2005
My First Time I was 18 years old (believe it or not) and was working for an Ambulance Service, where I worked 6 days a week plus every other night. This new guy named Jason had just started and I did not like him from the get-go. He was a smart-...
5 Comments | | 4,253 Views | 1,377 words | Sex

Marco on the bus

Dec. 12, 2005
PREVIEW: I wrapped my fingers around his tool and felt its heat radiating across my hand. I could barely get my fingers around it, and it filled my palm easily, with 5 or 6 inches to spare. As I fished it out of his boxers, the large drop of pre-cu...
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Oct. 22, 2005
I wonder how I should start this story, somehow once upon a time doesn't seem to cut it. This isn't a fairy tale or a fantasy , this is about one of the many nights I went out prowling for 1 thing and 1 thing only.....to get off. Some guys think my...
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The moment I've been waiting for. Part 2

Aug. 15, 2005
For our graduation trip, Josh and I decided to go to the mountains instead of the beach. It originally was going to be just me and him going, but he invited someone else. I later found out his reason's behind that. The condo we were staying in was a...
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The moment I've been waiting for!

Aug. 13, 2005
So just like any ofher non-outed guy in highschool, I had a crush on my best friend Josh. I played it so well, no one had a clue. Josh and I started to hang out alot more out senior year. Going to the track to run, going to the tanning bed together,...
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Having Sex With A Girl Watching

Jul. 12, 2005
Have you ever had a girl watch you have sex with you and your partner? Well it was an akward situtation for me but it happened. My friend Amber, loves gay porn. She cant get enough of it, even though shes bisexual herself. But she rather watches g...
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school-time... naked-time

Jul. 01, 2005
in college, i've had a lot of time between classes. young, i just want to get naked and know that others are nearby. i've loved bathrooms, knowing that guys go there, have been there and will be there. this one restroom, at the far end of campus,...
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Interstate Jerkoff

Jun. 30, 2005
This is my first time posting a story, so I'll try to make it decent... Last weekend, I was traveling from Atlanta to go visit my friend in Charlotte, NC. I had had a crazy weekend with some friends, and was still pretty tired from the experience....
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The Boy Next Door

May. 09, 2005
PREVIEW: He continued pumping his shaft with his right hand, then he grabbed a nipple with his left. As he pinched the tiny pink nipple in between his fingers, he threw his head back and stretched out his whole body. His chest was heaving up and do...
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"Easy" money

May. 02, 2005
PREVIEW: Ricky must not have gotten off for a month, because he just… kept… cumming. I could feel his dick erupting in my mouth, shooting load after load of his salty, sweet cum all over my mouth and down my throat. I started to choke on it, there...
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The guy at work

Apr. 27, 2005
Hey, My name's Matt, I'm a fairly ok looking guy: short dark hair, blue eyes, toned body, about 6 feet tall and 11stone in weight. I work for Safeway as a supervisor and about 3 or 4 months ago, this other guy started working in the coffee shop, his...
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Meeting guys in London clubs

Apr. 26, 2005
PREVIEW: “I’m about to cum,” he said, gasping for breath. “Cum on me, it’s okay!” I said, grabbing his pec in my left hand as I jerked him off with my right. I felt his cock stiffen up and twitch in my hand as he grunted, and I felt his warm cum sp...
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Fraternity Brother

Apr. 10, 2005
It was Alumni weekend at the College I graduated from and also at the fraternity I was part of, so of course I felt obligated to attend, plus I knew Steven would be there. Steven is around 20 year’s old, gorgeous light brown eyes with dark short brow...
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Feb. 04, 2005
I see you at a club. We both lock eyes for a moment. We follow each other all over the club. We lose each other. So I go to the restroom. Out of pure luck we meet in the restroom. Pissing in urinals next to each other. We each glance at each other’s...
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Why I luv fucking with men

Jan. 27, 2005
I grew up being typically homophobic. The mere thought of sucking a mans cock disgusted me, but somewhere inside I felt a curiosity---I occasionally imagined being buttfucked by a guy, but after masturbating to that fantasy, I would become disgus...
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i saw him standing there..

Jan. 27, 2005
i was going out of my mind one night, i needed a man, some kind of action. all these hot boys were living around near me and i hadnt scroed once, i was not happy! i put my jacket on and went out for a walk. not too long later a group of people starte...
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Taking My Own Nut with a Bud

Jan. 12, 2005
I know how horny I get sucking another guys cock off to cumpletion and I wanted to see how hot I got doing my own cock or at least taking my own cumoff. I had this bud that I'd had now for some years and we always got each other off right. One time w...
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Cock on the Phone!

Jan. 12, 2005
I was horny as usual one day and had a fuck bud coming over to give me some dick. He was 23, cute guy and a little stocky. One thing he did have going for him was a big fat cock he loved getting worked on good. Travis was on the way over to get hi...
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Good Morning~

Jan. 10, 2005
Jon laid there with his back to me. We were both naked of course I could smell the faint odor of his cologne, which drives me wild. I looked at the back of his ever so soft neck and I remembered how he loves it when I bite him softly on it. I could h...
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ROTC Ricky: The Itallian Stallion

Jan. 07, 2005
PREVIEW: Then I just happen to glance over, and I was pretty surprised by what I saw. It seems that in the fit of tossing and turning, Ricky had managed to come, how to say this…out. He must have had an erotic dream or something, because his huge...
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The dorm bully

Jan. 05, 2005
***Dorm Bully*** When I was a freshman at IU, I lived on in a dorm that was mostly freshman. My roommate, Chad, is a nice guy. The first month or so of school we really got along great, but now he has a girlfriend who lives in an apartment off...
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My--I mean *our*--First Time

Jan. 02, 2005
The first thing to know about this whole story is that I had pretty much concluded at age 12 that I was gay. However, this whole idea of being gay sort of scared me, as I’m sure you’d understand. So I was in the closet. Fast forward to my sophom...
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Santa's Elves

Dec. 05, 2004
'Twas the night before Christmas. Nothing was stirring except two horny elves. Santa relied on two elves to make sure that all the gifts were ready to be delivered on Christmas Eve to good little boys and girls. Thumper was the newest and youngest...
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Cruising the Park

Nov. 29, 2004
I've been bi since I was a teenager when I was seduced by an older guy, I might tell you about that sometime but not now. After my marriage ended, my bi tendencies came to the fore. I started cruising the local park at night, meeting guys for anonym...
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College Boy's First Job

Oct. 14, 2004
by lostsoles@yahoo.com Marc Lucas, a 23 year old, hunky boy has just recently graduated from college and just landed himself his first big shot job, where he will for the first time in his life, need to look, act, and dres...
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James - Fetish Jock (Part 1)

Oct. 14, 2004
by lostsoles@yahoo.com We had a pool and all the neighbors always came over to swim. James was always making cracks about my feet; in socks, my cool bare feet, and he was always sticking his smelly socks in my face, a...
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Sleepy Tickle Script

Oct. 14, 2004
by lostsoles@yahoo.com Ryan this is your script and will describe what will happen in the first three sessions of your tickle torture! I will describe what will be done to your ticklish boy body! This is the first segment...
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Pampering Danny

Oct. 14, 2004
by lostsoles@yahoo.com Danny is my cousin and he just got out of the army. He was looking for a place to stay while he went to college. So I let him live with me in my swinging bachelor pad. He is 20 years old and still has that b...
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Sleeping Roommate

Oct. 14, 2004
by DJ My roommate and I share a small one-bedroom apartment in New York City. We get along pretty well considering we met only once before signing the lease. (I answered his ad in the paper looking for a roommate.) The both of u...
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Anything For Money

Oct. 14, 2004
By: lacyberkid@aol.com -- not me Let me tell you about my friend Martin. He's one of the most peculiar people I know, and he'd do ANYTHING for money. Yes, I do mean anything. He's gay, he's very handsome and he's not shy in the...
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Japanese fantasy

Sep. 02, 2004
Bob had spent many years living in a monastery of Buddhist monks on the outskirts of Kyoto. He had studied Japan's culture and perfected the use of the sword, karate, and aikido. So when he left the monastery and returned to America, he was conside...
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Cum 'n' Rum

Sep. 01, 2004
Well is a game. Basically a drinking game. I play it with a group of friends. There are 8 of us. Pregame: We usually get together for a party where the house is empty. My friend Ben's dad does the business trip thing alot and his mom...
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Do you trust me?

Aug. 30, 2004
I wanted to try out the new toys that I had bought so I decided to call Eric to see if he was available for some fun, with luck he was and he was on his way over. I’ll just cut right to the exotic part. While we were on the floor, butt naked, I wh...
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Underwear Boy

Aug. 17, 2004
It was a Saturday afternoon and I was bored as hell, so I decided to go to the mall. I wasn’t in the mood to clothes shop but I was in the mood to boy shop. The first store I went into was American Eagle. I was checking over the pants when I notic...
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The Bus Ride-

Aug. 08, 2004
As I was standing there on the bus, with my hands holding on to the leather straps hanging from the ceiling, I felt like I was in the making of hot gay porn when he walked on to the bus. It was Monday morning and I was bummed because I didn’t get a...
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The birthday present

Jul. 16, 2004
One of my first jobs was as a bag boy at a local grocery store. I met a lot of interesting people when I helped them get their groceries into their cars. A guy younger than I used to come to the store often to do his mother's shopping. His name...
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The sperm donor

Jul. 08, 2004
SPERM DONOR I was 19, a second year student at the University of Delaware. Like all college guys, I could always use some extra cash. I had seen an advertisement in the campus paper for sperm donors. The ad was up front; it said that donors c...
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Tropical Enchantment - 2 for 1 Special

Jul. 08, 2004
"Ding, Dong. Ladies and gentlemen, my I have your attention please? American flight 342 with non stop service to Montego Bay will depart using gate number 2. All general passengers are asked to board now." The trip to Jamaica! Finally! The moment...
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sexy cleaning

Jul. 05, 2004
I started a job at a pool store. I was so excited. Early on i learned it was boring as fick. Until Jacob started. Jacob was there for the same reason i was--earn money to pay for an aparment. He was sexy as hell. 6'3 so built brown hair brown eyes....
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homework hottie

Jul. 01, 2004
This is completly true--- There was this guy in high school that was a big guy--Parker-Strong very built --he was a football player gorgeous body great eyes. We were both 18 at the time now we are both 21. Our teacher Mr.Ulmer is a dick head he...
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A Camping Trip to Remember

Jun. 28, 2004
Michael and I attended the same community college and were both 19. We had been friends since we were twelve. Michael and I were so close that we often knew what the other was thinking. There were times when I dared not to think it. But, I...
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NYPD Blew part 2

Jun. 26, 2004
NYPD Blew part 2 It was a few months later before AJ and I got together again. There had been a rash of home burglaries that we couldn't solve. The perp was alluding our investigations. We were looking into any lead that we could find. I de...
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NYPD Blew part 1

Jun. 26, 2004
N Y P D Blew part one My partner and I were alone in the squad room. It was Christmas time and we were assigned to decorate for the Christmas Party but he decided he was tired and sacked out. So I got screwed again. I was working on it by mys...
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Totally Tubular Sex

Jun. 21, 2004
Well I don't know how hot this story is but it just happened this week and I'm still excited. My name is Remy. I'm 18 and consider myself bi. Mostly because I don't understand everything gay. Well i dunno if you kno what i mean but yeah. I have and s...
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My Blockbuster Boy

Jun. 14, 2004
There’s this guy who works at the video store I go to. I always go on Saturday nights and rent something because that his when I know that he has his shift. He’s probably average height and weight, with tan skin. He has short brown hair and these ab...
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My First Dude

Jun. 05, 2004
This happened in my freashman year of high school. I was 14 and was throwing a kegger with the hepl of my sis. It's all true. Levi-My 2nd time and my 1st dude. Virgin. He came down from Marieta with his sister Cami to my party. We were talking for a...
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strappin fun

Jun. 03, 2004
Here's a story that you might enjoy putting on your website, I know I enjoyed writing it - am still abit wet. Yesterday I was walking down the street to get a cup of coffee at the corner shop. I noticed this guy in shorts and a tank top, obvious...
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Circle of Jerk

May. 27, 2004
Recently I had some friends over to watch movies. It was really late at night. Probably 3 am. and we were watching Eyes Wide Shut. It’s this really long and kinda boring Tom Cruise movie. There’s a scene when he sneaks into this cults like wild sex...
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Confessions of a soccer player

May. 18, 2004
CONFESSIONS OF A SOCCER PLAYER Hi may name’s Andy, and I’m a footballer in the premiership and for England it isn’t my real name ,because if I told you who I am then all hell would break loose and the tabloid press would have no merc...
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Freshman's First Time

Apr. 27, 2004
I was 15 and a freshman in high school. I had just joined the varsity swim team and was very excited to be involved in high school sports. I was kinda tall and skinny, but had a toned body with strong upper chest and smooth six-pack, the perfect bu...
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Sex at the gym

Mar. 25, 2004
I have always heard that the steam room at my gym was a hot bed of sex, but I was always a bit afraid to check it out - until today. There has been this hot guy I've been checking out, about 6', dark hair and great eyes and smile. We have always s...
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Sex from the Cinema

Mar. 19, 2004
I always got a gay vibe form my world history teacher but I was never totally sure. He was a good teacher, and when you’re taking AP World History, that’s a must. I always went to the movies on Friday, and one night when I was walking out from The M...
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My first str8t guy

Feb. 09, 2004
The first time I had a sexual encounter with a straight guy , it was with my ex boyfriend’s younger brother. We were sharing a house together at the time. He was a real player, bringing home a different girl every other night. One weekend in Octobe...
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Asian horny lovely ......

Feb. 03, 2004
I was out cruising one Tuesday evening and suddenly spotted a really cute Asian guy cruising, too. He was quite short with coal black hair and really pretty smile. He winked at me and started a conversation, he was from old Siam, pearly white skin an...
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Steve the slut boy

Jan. 28, 2004
STEVE THE SLUT BOY On the job part 4 We all enjoyed the horny sex session in the showers but steve was in a mood, and I think I knew why, as when Jason and I were fucking he said he loved me ,and after I shot my load up his arse , we held and...
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shower room fuck

Jan. 22, 2004
SHOWER ROOM FUCK (ON THE JOB PART 3) It was a month after Jason, my sexy little cousin, had come to stay and I received another `phone call from him asking if he could come down and stay a little longer, I sensed something was up and asked him w...
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The cock crazy kid

Jan. 13, 2004
THE COCK CRAZY KID (ON THE JOB PART 2) It was a few weeks after Steve and I had our horny encounter, and we repeated the experience a couple of times since, since Steve was a straight boy he was inclined not indulge in sucking me off or letting...
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On the job

Jan. 06, 2004
ON THE JOB It was a hot sunny day and Steve and I were working at some new apartments on the South Bank facing Canary Warf ,we are a couple of painters and decorators working for a local firm and we had to wear these stupid coverall overalls with...
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Lunch for 2

Jan. 06, 2004
Ok, so I've been gay awhile. I made it pretty clear to everyone I knew, except for Dominick. Dominick was my best friend growing up. We were next door neighbors, but D was a few years older than me and already in college when I came out of the closet...
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Rimming experince

Oct. 07, 2003
I read this in the files section of RimCity -- a YahooGroup Not long after turning thirty-three, I was sent by the firm I was working for at the time to a rural town in New South Wales, Australia. I had to supervise an auditing project there fo...
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First Time w/ feet -- not mine

Oct. 07, 2003
I read this on TeenGuysFeet -- a Yahoogroup I was about 15 my parents werent going to be home that night so they told me to invite a friend over, I invited my friend Evan. He was a fun guy to be around, and he had awsome feet. They were prob...
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He did not care about the people watchin

Sep. 14, 2003
When I was at the age of 20 I signed in for a weekend of fun with my gay youth group. We decided to go to some camping resort with nice little cabins to sleep in. Our two cabins were surrounded by bushes so we didn't feel watched by the families arou...
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Fitting room JO

Aug. 01, 2003
True story... I just tunred 18 and will start college in August...so naturally...I had to get some new clothes. So off I went to some stores and found some nice pairs of pants...shorts...the regular stuff. I went to the fitting rooms to try them on....
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Jun. 22, 2003
this is a song i wrote about a gay-bashing. it's called "" "" i'm defeated. left for dead. don't know what happened. screaming in my head. we were alone and heard them coming. jumped from behind, but you went running. no...
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My First Time Ever

Apr. 05, 2003
MY FIRST TIME EVER Written By: James L Wright Dedicated To: All Gay Men I’m a twenty-year-old male living in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains in Fairmont, WV. I was so surprised how this all took place. I will start from the b...
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Subway fun

Feb. 11, 2003
It was cold dark and early as I hustled from my car to the subway that late January morning. I had just finished my morning bowl of cheer and was set for a long 40-minute ride to work. The air was invigorating at best as I arrived at the train ju...
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dirty fuckers

Jan. 11, 2003
Rich and I became really good friends at work and we gradually became quite close. Rich is younger than me, 21 yrs old, and quite good looking too with dark hair and light blue eyes and a nice sexy grin, he's a strapping 6 footer and quite muscular w...
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high school locker room

Nov. 06, 2002
Composed completely on my Powerbook 190cs. ;) Based on real people with name changes. I only wish this really happened. It was my ultimate fantasy come true. Standing in from of me, less then ten feet away, was Tyler. He was gorgeous. Da...
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Teacher and pupil

Sep. 25, 2002
Dave was the sportsmaster at the local secondary school, and depite a few gay experiences in his teens he considered himself to be straight, in fact he was engaged to be married and the experiences of his teens were confined to the outer reaches of h...
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Aug. 23, 2002
My very frist time ever having with a guy. It all started when My freind and I were at his house all alone cuz his parents here out out of town. We were going through his parents bed room when we came across some porn movies and toys. We deci...
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Mar. 06, 2002
A few years ago, on a Thursday evening in March, I went out with my friends to a bar (off campus) frequented by students of St. Johns University. I wound up participating in a video games tournament. I was one of the finalists. Most of my friends ha...
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Me, my uncle and his buddies

Jan. 12, 2002
Although this story may sound a little outlandish, every little bit is true to what happened and still happens between myself, my straight uncle and his two friends. It all started with my uncle who is in his late 30's. I was 21 at the time and n...
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The schoolmaster

Jan. 10, 2002
Dave started his new job as a sportsmaster at Riverdale private boarding school for boys in a remote area of the English lake district. It was his first proper job as a sportsmaster and he thought himself lucky to land such a good position at such a...
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Boy across the street

Dec. 24, 2001
Every night for the past couple months, I have found myself looking accross the street at this hot boy that is my age (19). His name is Brett and he is blonde with blue eyes. Totally hot. One night i looked out my window and saw him in his room. I sh...
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The Straight Bar

Dec. 18, 2001
Coming to the straight bar that night had never been my idea in the first place. My old high school friend Megan had suggested, only in her very own subtle way, that she would rather not go to my usual haunts that night ("I'm tired of watching gu...
0 Comments | | 7,071 Views | 3,191 words | Sex

My first time

Dec. 17, 2001
I'm a middle aged guy, married, two kids, and never thought I'd do anything with another guy. At age 40 I was feeling a bit out of shape, and decided to join a gym and start working out. I hired a personal trainer to get me started on the right cou...
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Dec. 15, 2001
I swallow in surprise as I feel his excitement pressing against my stomach from between his legs. I can feel my pale face flush with heat. “I missed you,” he whispers as he searches my face. “I missed you too,” I reply fearfully. Though I at...
0 Comments | | 3,831 Views | 426 words | Romance